Vav Lin 林怡瑄

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    Hi, I'm Vav

    Education ‧ 教育背景


    British School of Fashion (GCU LONDON)                                  —LONDON, UK 英國倫敦

    Glasgow Caledonian University                                         

    Msc degree, International Fashion Marketing  2014


    Specialized in New Media digital development, e-commerce and integrated content marketing. 




    Shih Chien University                                                                  —TAIPEI, TAIWAN 台灣台北

    Bachelor's degree, Fashion Merchandising 2001-2005








    Skills ‧ 專長

    - 12 Years +  experience in Fashion media environment 

       Cross experience from fashion publishing to digital media.

    - 10 Years +  experience in integrated digital content marketing

    - Confident project management skills 

    - Deep understanding of content analyzing and responding to data analytics
      reports  and online audience growth initiatives

    - Familiar with social media strategy and marketing

       Facebook, IG, Twitter...

    - Good knowledge  of SEO  and Google Analysis 


    - 跨平台時尚媒體經驗完整:12年以上平面雜誌與網路時尚編輯經驗

    - 跨媒體傳播工作經驗:企劃編輯到廣告策劃操作

    - 專精於新媒體內容整合行銷領域,10年以上數位編輯資歷

    - 熟悉專案管理與執行,擅長媒體定位、內容策略與數位讀者行為與內容分析

    - 社群內容規劃與撰文, 社群成效分析

    - Google Anaysis 與 SEO關鍵字內容分析




    Language ‧ 語言能力

    Native Chinese speaker,Fluent English








    International Working Experience ‧ 海外工作經歷


    • London Based Fashion Contributor 倫敦特約採訪編輯

    VOGUE Taiwan 2013 - 2015

    GQ Business 2014

    ELLE Taiwan 2013


    - Create original fashion and lifestyle content by exploring local fashion stories.

    - Attend London fashion week, meet with designers and visit local stores to feature


    - 發掘並規劃倫敦當地主題並撰寫網站與平面雜誌報導

    - 擔任倫敦時裝周特派編輯



    • Styling  Editor  造型編輯                                                                My-Wardrobe UK 2013


    - Preparing and styling still life products in accordance with the
       shoot guide, demonstrating exceptional attention to detail and consistent
    - Creatively styling model hand shots across Fashion  beauty categories
    - Working collaboratively on still life shoots with a  team of Photographers, Stylists, and Studio Coordinators, demonstrating an excellent understanding of still life shoot guidelines and studio processes.

    ​​ ​


    英國時尚電商造型工作協力,針對品牌風格進行拍攝主題定調討論與設定 ,協助團隊溝通(攝影師、髮型師、造型師、模特兒)以完成形象拍攝。




    Experience ‧ 工作經歷


    • Content Director  內容統籌                                    Owner of ACAD STUDIO 2017-NOW


    Brand Content Consultant 品牌內容顧問 

    - Insight and strategy – research and opportunity development.

    - Brand definition – positioning, story building and identity.

    - Brand engagement – Internal communication and capability.

    - Devising and analysing consumer research.


    Z’S MOMENT ( Online Fashion and Lifestyle Destination for content and commerce) 、 Chinese Tea brand   (Yun Shan)  re-branding.  



    近期合作品牌:內容電商新媒體 www.zsmoment 內容總策劃、中國茶品牌 岳山嘉茗 品牌定位設計...



    Lecturer in Fashion Project Planning and Management  時尚專案行銷講師


    Latest : Fashion Branding Workshop with the School of Continuing Education of Chinese Culture University(SCE)





    Content Contributor 內容策劃與執行



    Latest : Business Weekly, Storm online magazine, Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan...






    • New Media Dept./Supervisor  新媒體主任         Business Weekly商業周刊 2015-2017

    - Collaborate within Business Weekly to onboard and launch partnership projects
       across Digital, and Print. (Fashion and Lifestyle clients in special)

    - Work cross-functionally with Editorial, Online Events, Internal Agency / Ad
      content marketing, Branding 

    - Manage project meetings, schedules, milestones, and delivery

    - Own presentations, updates, and communication to clients, as well as executive
       leadership teams for meetings, annual planning

    - Meet deadlines and budget requirements

    - Using Google Analysis and SEO monitor tools to check AD performance

    - Responsible for Media  Kit  


    - 商業周刊廣告內容專案企劃(精品生活線客戶為主)

    - 編輯、線上活動、廣告與公關公司業務企劃合作接洽,針對不同業主需求進行內容行銷規劃。

    - 專案提案,會議主持與相關流程進度與預算掌控

    - Google Anaysis與 SEO關鍵字分析 :數位監測工具分析廣告成效

    - 集團媒體簡介規劃與執行 

    Project: CHANEL BOY. FRIEND WATCH, CHANEL Mademoiselle Privé WATCHTOD'S, Audemars Piguet FUNKY DIVER, Nespresso Pixie Clips...






    • Digital Fashion Editor 數位時尚編輯                                      VOGUE Taiwan 2010-2013


    - Create original fashion and lifestyle content. Collaborate with writers, check
      content and edit articles.

    - Continuously search for latest fashion trends to stay ahead of competitors

    - Attend fashion shows, meet with designers and visit retail stores to stay up-to-

    - Suggest new fashion products, such as outfits, accessories, makeup, and beauty

    - Ensure all team members are in sync with the latest trends

    - Meet deadlines and budget requirements

    - Monitor social media, news channels and exchanged communication channels for
      emerging news stories. 

    - Using Google Analysis and SEO monitor tools to check analytics and key trends
      from sites and various platforms. 


    - 負責VOGUE網站內容規劃與執行,採訪內容涵蓋時尚與生活藝文主題

    - 掌握國內外最新時尚趨勢,研究並分析競媒內容

    - 與品牌公關接洽聯繫,出席品牌時裝秀、新品發表等記者會活動

    - 數位內容撰稿,介紹時下時尚單品與流行相關資訊

    - 稿件時程規劃與預算掌控

    - 社群媒體經營與新聞入口網站內容交換

    - Google Anaysis流量分析與SEO關鍵字研究



    • Freelance Fashion Writer & Stylist                            造型師&特約採訪編輯 2009-2010

    - Create original fashion and lifestyle content.

    - Fashion shooting project. 

    - Working collaboratively on still life shoots with a  team of Photographers, make-
       up and hair stylists, demonstrating an excellent understanding of still life shoot
      guidelines and studio processes.



    • Website Project Editor 網站企劃編輯                                        9 in the box    2008-2009

    - Responsible for writing fashion trends, celebrity fashion choices and wearing
      advice to promote our products.

    - Project Manage advertising campaigns and be responsible for the effectiveness


    企劃編輯,撰寫流行趨勢 、名人娛樂話題,並提出穿搭建議。



    9 in the is established by British Cayman International Inc. Shareholders are from the USA, Italy, Spain, the U.K., Japan, and Korea. It is also an overseas shopping website invested by Ruentex Industries Ltd., one of the most famous enterprises in Taiwan.

    台灣潤泰集團投資的時尚網購平台9 in the box,主要與各國網購通路簽約引進國際精品入台販售。



    • Fashion Editor   時尚編輯                                                   COOL MAGAZINE   2006-2008

    - Responsible for the planning, writing and editing tasks of feature stories in the
     menswear area.

    Fashion editor in Japan Street Fashion Magazine 《COOL》(Taiwan edition)





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